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Harsh & Ankesh

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Harsh Vardhan Bhotika, the Managing Director of WNW, passionate about crafting intricate hand embroidery designs, aspires to showcase the rich tradition of Indian hand embroidery, with hopes of reaching a global audience. 

In his academic years, his name was prominently adorned with academic honors, particularly in Physics and Maths.


Ankesh Bhotika, a seasoned business student, supervises the design, development, and production teams at WNW. His profound expertise and extensive knowledge in the field contribute significantly to crafting exceptionally wearable ensembles. With a wealth of 15 years of experience in hand craftsmanship, Ankesh plays a pivotal role in ensuring WNW delivers high-quality, meticulously designed products. Ankesh draws inspiration from individuals who have significantly contributed to the world of art. He derives joy and satisfaction from the subtle nuances that create substantial impacts, finding profound pleasure in the intrinsic value of seemingly small details.

Early years

Harsh and Ankesh began their journey with a modest upbringing, supported by their mother's unwavering guidance amid financial struggles, fueled by a passion for textiles. Inspired by the grace of airplanes to soar across greater heights and a realization of humanity's interconnectedness, they recognized the insignificance of individual problems amidst the vastness of existence. This epiphany drove their ambitions beyond personal success towards a legacy of societal impact.


Motivated by the desire to contribute meaningfully to humanity, they aim to leave an enduring imprint on generations. Their aspirations evolved into a quest to craft a legacy that transcends time, one that inspires and shapes the world's narrative. Amidst life's complexities, Harshand Ankesh's visions emerged, embodying resilience, determination, and an undying dedication to form a legacy of profound significance.



Foreign markets value customization, a luxury primarily enjoyed by the elite. Rolls Royce epitomized this by tailoring cars exclusively, emphasizing uniqueness and setting them apart.


For prestigious companies abroad, "handcrafted" symbolized sophistication and exclusive taste for the wealthy. However, in India, the term held a different meaning. Despite artisans' efforts in creating beautiful goods, their work has been often undervalued in this diverse nation.


As WNW's Director, I, Harsh Vardhan Bhotika, have this dream to change what 'handcrafted' means in India. I believe our handmade things can impress people worldwide. I'm determined to share India's amazing craft skills with the world. Our artistry of hand embroidery has the power to win hearts globally.

WNW by Harsh & Ankesh

The journey of WNW, the driving force behind this incredible venture, began in a modest household. Initially, our family sustained themselves by dyeing fabrics and crafting handmade pieces, using the earnings for our education and daily needs.


Amidst these simple beginnings, a profound passion for vibrant colors and diverse apparel blossomed within the two brothers. Motivated by this love and driven by capability and determination, they transformed the challenge of financial struggle into a catalyst for creating something extraordinary.


This marked the inception of WNW. Starting from simply dyeing fabrics, it has evolved into a renowned establishment for bridal couture. The 23 years of relentless dedication by Harsh and Ankesh is evident in their artistry, unique designs, original craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to prioritizing their customers.

Our Philosophy

At WNW, our passion lies in harnessing fashion's transformative ability to embolden individual confidence and personal expression. We specialize in creating versatile, luxurious designs that effortlessly adapt to various settings and occasions. Whether it's a graceful bridal outfit, a classic sherwani, or a finely crafted jacket, our aim is to offer timeless pieces cherished by our customers for years to come.



Our Inspiration


Our craft is inspired by the fascinating tales of mythology and folklore, the beautiful plants and animals in nature, and the splendid history of India's mighty empires. Our designs reflect these stories, creating modern pieces with timeless charm.

We're passionate about traditional Indian art styles like miniature paintings and Pahari style paintings and keep learning from them the glorious history of costumes from our country's rich past. We draw inspiration and incorporate elements in our designs, honoring  these ancient techniques in today's contemporary landscape. At WNW, we mix the past with the present, ensuring that the beauty and grace of India's rich art and history continue to shine in our modern creations.

Our Craft

WNW's fame lies in our embroidery, showcasing the finesse of zari, zardozi, cut dana, and sequin work. Our distinctiveness lies in crafting intricate designs that radiate sophistication and allure. We stand out by skillfully blending these techniques, creating exquisite patterns that captivate the eye.


What sets WNW apart is our adept use of rare and challenging-to-produce fabrics. This dedication to sourcing exceptional materials adds a unique dimension to our designs, positioning WNW as a revered name among India's premier design houses. Each creation bears testimony to our commitment to excellence, reflecting stories woven with unparalleled artistry and precision.


The artful fusion of tradition and innovation elevates WNW to a stature in India's landscape of finest design houses. We always keep our doors open for you to Immerse yourself in the splendor of craftsmanship that defines WNW's legacy of timeless elegance and beauty.

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Our Focus


Our distinction lies in our unwavering dedication to specialized bridal couture. This focus sets us apart, allowing us to craft enchanting bridal ensembles tailored exclusively for this significant milestone. Our expertise in bridal couture is the cornerstone of our brand's uniqueness. Our commitment to an unparalleled bridal experience ensures each garment is a personalized masterpiece, reflecting the individual dreams of every bride. By skillfully blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair, our designs exude sophistication and allure. This singular focus on bridal couture allows us to honor and celebrate each bride's unique journey, making WNW a beacon of exceptional and unforgettable bridal elegance.  

Our Commitment

We specialize in crafting customized, made-to-order products, ensuring each piece is uniquely tailored to fit our customer's desires. Our focus is on delivering a personalized shopping journey, allowing customers to select fabrics, designs, and styles that resonate with their individual tastes.

Embracing quality craftsmanship and a meticulous eye for detail, we ensure that every garment embodies a true work of art.

Awards & Accolades

Through unwavering dedication, WNW achieved numerous commendable milestones. We garnered recognition from prestigious entities like The Times Group, who honored Mr Harsh Vardhan Bhotika as The Most Influential Fashion Entrepreneur in 2018. The Telegraph acknowledged his achievements by crowning him the Retail Icon of The Year.


The journey was adorned with star-studded moments as celebrities like Vani Kapoor, Yami Gautam graced the ramps at FDCI Fashion Week in WNW-designed attire. Kusha Kapila honored us with her gracious visit to our esteemed bridal studio in Kolkata, where she personally explored a selection of our Bridal lehengas. From Bollywood stars to esteemed national figures are all part of the journey with WNW.

Future Vision

At WNW, we believe in staying humble and grounded. We aim to continuously learn about embroidery, never stopping our evolving pursuit of improvement so that we can showcase its excellence on the global platform. Our greatest dream is to receive the prestigious Padma Shri award for our contributions to fashion, craftsmanship, and more significantly, hand embroidery.

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