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7 Best Bridal Reds, for Every Bride!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

According to astrology, the planet in charge of marriage, Mars is red in color. Red signifies prosperity & fertility whereas it is also a significant color for love & warmth. There are many theories behind why the Indian Bride has to wear a Red Lehenga on her wedding day, but no wonder it makes them look the loveliest.

7 Best Bridal Reds, for Every Bride!

As you read further, I tell you the purpose of this Blog. This is to tell all you Brides-to-be , that the Red Lehenga does not always need to be the same. There are a hundred shades of reds to choose from and also adjacent hues to have you mix it up a bit to choose and feel like your unique self on your wedding day.

1. Classic Red with Handwoven Embroidery

classic bridal red

Classic red is a timeless hue. Goes with any color of hand weaves. Best paired with intricate gold embroidery. Gives a look of Royalty and a taste of heritage. Choose a choli that compliments your body the best. Add two or more dupattas to make yourself feel like a Queen itself.

2. The Traditional Red

the traditional red

A Traditional Red outfit is quite out of the box. Just the base color makes it so rich enough to catch the eye and the innocence of the bride just reflects with it. Often it best compliments heavy golden embroidery. The more intricate, the better. As the more gorgeous it looks.

3. Mixed with Blush Pink

mixed with blush pink

A Bride can be moody and want to wear a flavor of her own. She ought to be the bride of her dreams. Keeping it all in mind we have something special for you. A serene yet beautiful combination of blush pink with royal red and a hint of green in a beautiful flow of embroidery of heritage designs. The deep sweetheart neckline gives the bride a beautiful structure.

4. A Rani Pink

a rani pink

We have all heard about the Rani Red, ever heard of a Rani Pink?

It is Pink so dark that it almost looks like a Red. It's a beautiful shade of pink to fall in love with. This particular piece has the classic handwoven embroidery on it. The work is done all over which makes it one heavy piece. The contrasting orange dupatta makes the design pop up with grace.

5. An Ombre Orange

an ombre orange

Imagine the closest hue to a red. Yes, you are right. An orange is the one. Thus, with this piece we show you an experimental dye—an ombre hue from royal red to tangerine. The transformation is so smooth that it almost looks like magic. The best part is its extensive royal embroidery & a contrast golden dupatta with hand work done with utmost intricacy.

6. The Rose Red

the rose red

Apart from reflecting the red of a Rose, this particular piece is super extra on embroidery. The rose red is a completely perfect hue to build a canvas for intricacy. The embroidery all over the lehenga depicts a whole story of Raja-rani carved with hand weaving & authentic sequins with golden threads. The neck of the choli gives a curve of extra-ordinary beauty wrapped in royalty.

7. The Minimalistic Bride

the minimalistic bride

If you are a bride who loves simplicity & minimalism, there are also options for you. This simple red choli with a beautiful cut paired with a candy pink lehenga decorated with red handwoven geometric pattern in a thick border style. The best parts for this lehenga on the bride of simplicity are the beautiful latkans and simple dupatta on a pastel hue.

The Bride deserves to feel all herself & her unique self on her D-Day, the Wedding Day in a bridal red lehenga. There is an option for every bride just to suit herself & her vibe. Always available at the WNW Studio.

Because WNW is You. WNW is your Soul. WNW molds to enhance the beauty of every bride who wears it.

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