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"Double Trouble: The Ambani Wedding Sequel - How Much Is Too Much?"

Updated: Jul 2

When it comes to weddings, most of us figure it's a one-time gig, right? I mean, who in their right mind would want to do all that planning and partying twice? Well, unless you're talking about the Ambanis. Yep, buckle up, because it seems like they're aiming for a sequel to "THE CRAZY RICH ASIANS," and they're making sure the world knows it. So, Mukesh Ambani, India's answer to the Kardashians but with more business sense and less drama (mostly), decided it was time for his son Anant to tie the knot with Radhika Merchant, daughter of some Mumbai big shot. Cue the fireworks, literally, because when the Ambanis throw a bash, it's like watching a Bollywood blockbuster unfold in real life. And get this, they're not stopping at one round of celebrations – oh no, they're going for the double feature.


For those who’ve been living under a rock, let me fill you in. The Ambanis don't just follow trends; they set them faster than influencers change outfits for an Instagram shoot. From their swanky parties to their palatial homes that make Buckingham Palace look like a quaint cottage, they've got opulence on speed dial. And don't even get me started on their pre-wedding celebrations – they're like Coachella meets the Met Gala, with a desi twist. The brides of India look to these events for inspiration, especially when it comes to the Indian bridal look. You see, the Ambanis aren't just throwing parties; they're rewriting the rulebook on how to host a bash. They've got Bollywood stars flying in on private jets, and the decor is fancier than a royal wedding. We're talking more flowers than a botanist's dream and more bling than a jewellery store during Diwali. If there's one thing you can count on at an Ambani party, it's that they don't do anything halfway. The Ambanis aren’t just any family; they’re a spectacle. Think of them as the very definition of wealth and influence, redefining luxury not just in India but abroad as well.


Their latest pre-wedding bash for Anant and Radhika is just another example of their over-the-top style and knack for setting trends. The Ambanis’ lifestyle and business moves are always making headlines for their lavish events, where the concept of a budget seems non-existent, setting new standards for splendor worldwide. The pre-wedding celebrations for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant spanned several days, each event more luxurious than the last. From March 1st to the 3rd, the festivities took place at one of the best places to get married in India, adorned with opulent floral arrangements, twinkling fairy lights, and elegant drapery. The decor featured oceanic colours, reflecting the couple's love for minimal aesthetics and minimal mehendi designs. The entrance was a grand archway embellished with cascading flowers, creating a dreamy atmosphere that set the tone for the entire celebration.


The guest list featured an impressive array of, Bollywood celebrities, wedding influencers business magnates, and close friends and family. Among the illustrious attendees were Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, and Kareena Kapoor, whose presence elevated the event's glamour and star power. Naturally, everyone showed up decked out in their fanciest outfits and bling, with celebrities in sarees and lehengas making a fashion statement. When you're rich enough to send private jets for your guests, why not make sure they look the part too? This event became a showcase for traditional wedding dresses and the variety of types of wedding dresses in India, highlighting the ongoing debate of traditional wedding dresses such as sarees vs lehenga.

Entertainment at the pre-wedding celebrations was nothing short of spectacular. Rihanna's mesmerizing performance stole the show, her soulful voice resonating through the venue and leaving the audience spellbound. Other artists and dancers also showcased their talent, adding to the entertainment quotient and ensuring that there was never a dull moment. The culinary spread was a delightful fusion of global flavors, offering guests a gastronomic journey. From gourmet appetizers to decadent desserts, the menu featured seafood delicacies, sushi, and exotic cocktails that were among the highlights. Every bite was a testament to the couple's impeccable taste and the event's lavishness.

Personal touches were evident throughout the celebrations. Handwritten letters exchanged between Anant and Radhika were displayed, revealing their heartfelt emotions and touching the hearts of everyone present. Custom-made wedding favors, such as personalized candles or artisanal chocolates, were given to guests as tokens of appreciation, adding a unique and intimate touch to the festivities. The couple's outfits were a blend of traditional wedding dresses and contemporary styles. Radhika stunned in elegant lehengas made from exquisite fabric for lehengas, while Anant looked dapper in tailored suits. Guests adhered to the dress code, showcasing their fashion-forward choices and making the event a veritable fashion show. The venue had dedicated zones for various activities, from photo booths to dance floors, ensuring that guests enjoyed every moment. A serene lounge area allowed guests to unwind and engage in conversations, providing a perfect balance between excitement and relaxation.


But the trickle-down theory always plays its part in making the common man “a victim” of the overly used or sometimes abused charade which is usually the new normal amongst the more “elite.” To give you an idea, take the whole concept of destination weddings; these exotic locations and elaborate setups are becoming more common amongst affluent families. The Ambanis' extravagant weddings have created a ripple effect in the wedding industry, with an increased demand for luxury services and experiences for premium wedding services, including high-end venues, couture fashion, gourmet catering, and elaborate entertainment. Wedding influencers in India are now offering exclusive packages tailored to richer clients, incorporating unique experiences like helicopter arrivals, fireworks display, and international artist performances. The influence of these wedding influencers in India is so profound that even minimal mehendi designs and the choice of fabric for lehengas are now trending topics. But sometimes trends turn to competition and soon enough the line between perfection and madness starts to blur.


Yet there’s a silver lining to all situations, and the Ambani wedding serves as a platform for showcasing India's economic prowess and cultural richness to a global audience, with dignitaries and celebrities from around the world attending the festivities. It also acts as a source for networking and relationship-building among influential figures across industries, fostering diplomatic ties and business opportunities on an international scale. All thanks to the media coverage of the Ambani wedding, India's image is now published as a hub for luxury and glamour, contributing to the country's soft power and universal influence in the realms of business, entertainment, and culture.


But it's not just about the glitz and glamour; it's about the impact they're having on the wedding industry. Suddenly, every bride wants a lehenga that costs more than a small car, and every groom dreams of arriving at the venue in a helicopter. The demand for luxury wedding planners has shot through the roof, and even your neighbourhood decorator is upping their game to keep up with the Ambanis. And let's not forget the global appeal of the Ambani extravaganza. It's not just a party; it's a cultural event that attracts guests from every corner of the globe. You've got diplomats hobnobbing with Bollywood royalty, while tech moguls and Hollywood A-listers mingle over champagne and caviar. It's like the United Nations, but with better outfits and a more exclusive guest list.


Now, onto the themes. The Ambanis don't do anything basic, so you can bet your last rupee that their pre-wedding celebrations are themed to perfection. We're talking "An Evening in Neverland" where unicorns roam free and fairies serve you dessert. Or how about "A Night at the Palace" where you're transported to a world of luxury and decadence fit for a king? Whether the theme features traditional wedding dresses or modern ensembles, you can be sure that the Ambanis pull out all the stops to make it a night to remember. And let's not forget the fashion, darling. At an Ambani party, it's not just about wearing designer labels; it's about making a statement. Picture Deepika Padukone in a saree that costs more than your college tuition, and Shah Rukh Khan rocking a sherwani that shines brighter than the North Star. It's a fashion show unlike any other, with every guest vying for the title of best-dressed. The debate between saree vs lehenga often comes up, but at these events, both shine in their own right, showcasing the various types of wedding dresses in India.


In conclusion, Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's pre-wedding celebration transcends the definition of a mere party; it's a grandiose display. By setting trends and revolutionizing the art of celebration, they've truly changed the game. With oceanic hues, heartfelt gestures, and a star-studded guest list, their event was nothing short of unforgettable. As long as the Ambanis are in the spotlight, the world will be watching, captivated by the magic of their extravagance. But their impact extends beyond just weddings. Through ventures like Jio, which revolutionized India's telecommunications market with affordable data plans, the Ambanis have also redefined consumer behaviour. Whether it's a lavish celebration or a groundbreaking business move, the Ambanis never disappoint.


So, if you're like me, a commoner yearning for a taste of their extravagant lifestyle, we can at least relish their splendor through pictures, whether in real life or reel life and through the stories written about them. As the name of their luxury cruise, "La Vita E Un Viaggo," aptly suggests, life is indeed a journey. And with the Ambanis at the helm, it's a journey filled with unparalleled luxury and endless wonder.



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Aryan Tak
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