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WNW Present Handcrafted Lehenga for Summer Wedding

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

As far as Indian dress is concerned, more is more and less is bore! … And this is true for a wedding outfit as well.

So, do you want to look breezily beautiful at your wedding this summer?

Well, 2021 has so much in store for Indian weddings. Right from intimate weddings to backyard ceremonies- an elegant and smart look is what every bride desires for.

So, look no other than the bridal collections of WNW for fashion-forward brides like you.

Lehenga Choli for Summer Weddings

So is it your Haldi or pre-wedding outdoor ceremonies that come along with a myriad of parties?

Now you can wave off the summer heat with heavy ethnic wear like yellow or rustic orange Zardosi embroidered velvet lehengas.

To keep yourself at the presentable level and tolerate the temperature outside as well, this could be a smart dressing idea for a summer wedding.

But why lehenga choli? Well, it perfectly matches the Indian wedding vibe. While elaborating it, you can find how the lehenga can spare you from extra sweating with its breathable silhouette.

Moreover, the look of the lehenga choli comes with extraordinary grace and hard to resist choice for an Indian wedding. Here are some ideas for your D-day.

The Hand Embroidery

Is your wedding venue arranged with all the wooden arrangements? Well, when you are planning to take the dreamy entry, WNW’s KIRDAAR collection of summer lehengas are the adorable ones.

the hand embroidery lehenga for summer
Hand Embroidery

The intricate hand embroidery, floral motifs, prints, and other details will churn out the happy vibes than choosing some boring and dull champagne tone.

If you like extravaganza of Indian royalty entice you a lot with a touch of British aesthetic this summer? If yes, then you must try WNW’s collection of CALCUTTA 1970.

hand embroidery lehenga design
Hand Emoridery

This would be a perfect act of Nostalgia from the era of influence, drama blended in the charm of culturally-immersed traditions with hand embroidery.


Are you looking for a tasteful piece infused with modern feminism? Look no other than DEHJOOR designer lehenga for summer wedding collection from WNW.

zardosi lehenga

It will give you the feel of royal celebration with the dominant nature of red and Zardosi work. On top of it, the plunging neckline finished with stone and thread work will give your outfit a royal look.

The delicate Zardosi work throughout the lehenga, blouse in the lace veil represents the bridal fashion to a completely whole new level.

The beautiful threadwork

Who doesn’t love the exquisite thread work and hand embroidery to ramp up the D-day? Even if we have a myriad of options to choose from, we get a little weak and fall on our knees for perfectly embroidered red bridal lehengas for summer wedding.

threadwork lehenga

You could say this to be a regal heritage that has passed from one generation to another with the love for the eternal classic. Why not try the WNW’s collections from DARPAN and MYSTIQUE RED, with which red’s essence and beautiful threadwork can steam upright from our cultures and customs to match up with all the glitz.

Apart from the traditional one, if you like the breezy and easy outfit for a fun intimate destination or beach wedding in Thailand, Fiji, or Bali? You can try out the collection from “EHSAAS” from WNW.

With pops of colors and beautiful thread work, it can perfectly match the elegance of outdoor wedding parties.

So, these were the topmost ideas you can go with while shopping for a bridal lehenga. If you put these ideas on top of your preparation list, then it will surely help you to look best on your D-day.

Besides this list of ideas on bridal lehenga for summer wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the outfit must suit your personality, body type, and skin complexion-

Choosing Lehenga According to Your Body Type

Apple Shape: If you have an apple-shaped or inverted triangle body, then you must go for the layered and flowy lehenga skirt.

Designs that are made of lighter and softer fabrics with pastel colors will emphasize the waist while making you beautiful on the D-day.

For the blouse, choose the wider neckline that doesn’t emphasize the upper body more. For chunri, choose a lighter fabric similar to what you have in your skirt and wear it around your shoulder or over your neckline, to make your upper body look heavier than usual.

Rectangle Body Type: For H-shaped or rectangle body type must choose a lehenga choli with embroidery or noticeable designs on the skirt made of rich stiff fabric with heavy flare.

A deep neck blouse with a plunging neckline will flaunt the curve on your upper body, whereas the soft and flowy dupatta will complete the outfit.

Pear-Shaped: Do you have a heavy lower body and a very small upper half? You can try simple lehenga choli with a skirt made of plain fabrics, which must be flowy in nature.

The blouse must be heavily embroidered and brightly colored to flaunt the beauty of your arms and clavicles.

A cape-like dupatta that is not too heavy or too long will go best with your outfit by not making your hips look heavier.

Hourglass Shaped: If you have this body shape, then you are blessed to go for any dress of your choice.

A-line lehengas with flowy skirts are the best for this type of body shape. Velvet or chiffon fabrics that are not stiff can complement your curves.

For the blouse, you must choose the design that is short, flaunts your waist and upper curves.

Now, hope you are ready to turn the heads on your D-day with a handful amount of ideas before the shopping.

But, have you ever thought to carry yourself without compromising on your glow this summer? Here are some tips-

Say No to Breakouts: Before a few days of your D-day, make it a habit to use a good cleanser and makeup remover before going to bed.

Besides, everyday use of a good moisturizer will keep your skin plump and good sunscreen can protect your skin from UV rays.

Also, use a good exfoliator to exfoliate your skin three times a week, and don’t forget to exercise, as it will help your body to get rid of toxins.

Lastly, keep yourself hydrated all day long to make sure that your skin doesn’t look dry.

Dietary Changes: Try including a lot of fruits in your diet or at least have 1-2 fruits a day to get the extra glow on your face.

Adding nuts to your diet can give you a boost of zinc, vitamin A, Magnesium, and Vitamin E. The good fats from nuts can give you plump cheeks to flaunt the blush line.

Skin Care: Products that contain AHAs or exfoliating acids can remove dead skin cells to add the much-needed glow to your face.

Drink plenty of water and green tea to get the antioxidant properties to brighten the skin and reduce weight and acne as well.

Haircare before the D-Day: Frequent spa treatment or at least twice a month before your wedding can treat all your hair concerns like dry, lifeless, unmanageable, and frizzy hair.

Add fresh fruits and veggies to your diet to get the proper nourishment to the hair.

Almonds, Cashews, Dates, Amla juice, eggs, and raisins can boost the healthy growth of your hair. Also, keep your scalp clean to avoid the hair-fall.

The hot oil therapy, right shampoo, and conditioner can properly lock the moisture in your hair.

So, here is all you can do to make your D-day the fabulous one with these tips and ideas on your outfit and makeup while keeping yourself well-groomed.

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