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How to Shortlist Luxury and Bespoke Bridal Lehenga Designers

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Your wedding must be a dream that you have been waiting for years. Wedding - a journey of two souls with the promise to live together till eternity. In such auspicious event, you definitely don’t want to take any chance with anything.

Undeniably, you both have waited for this special day for a long time. Holding his hands in front of everyone else gives a sense of pride, love, and passion inside you. So, it is pretty justified why you would want to decide every single minute of this day.

We know that every wedding story is unique and has a special touch to it. Being with your man for a lifetime is no less than a dream. On this day when everyone's eyes will be on you, your look and attire is probably the very first thing to decide.

If you have decided to wear a designer Lehenga on your wedding day, it is undoubtedly a great decision. However, apart from your wedding day, there will be several other important events like Mehendi, cocktail parties, Sangeet, and different other festivals coming up. Every event will require you to shortlist the best Lehenga depending on the theme of the event.

Being a woman, you would certainly want perfection in every step. So, it is essential for you to decide on the best bridal Lehenga designer who will be able to create bespoke designs with a luxury touch on them. As you will be flaunting your beautiful piece of attire on this special day with the love of your life, it needs to have special embellishment to it.

You have probably started dreaming of how you will look on a special day. Well, even when every wedding is different, the passion and excitement in women’s eyes are worth noting.

We understand the glamor and beauty quotient you need to be included in the lehenga. So, if you want to fulfill your dreams and create a stunning designer Lehenga for your special days, it is imperative for you to choose the best designer in your area.

Before we check out the factors that you should take into account when searching for a bridal lehenga designer, we will find out the reasons why an experienced designer can be a trusted choice.

Benefits of Selecting a Luxury and Bespoke Bridal Lehenga Designer

Choosing a bridal Lehenga designer is always an invaluable choice for every bride. Even when you get multiple choices in the market, when it comes to bridal Lehenga, choosing a trusted and knowledgeable designer is always something that will help you to get the ultimate satisfaction. Following are some of the major benefits that one can get by choosing a reputed Lehenga designer.

You get the right fit

The very first thing that anyone can get from a good designer is the right fit. When it comes to Lehenga, it is imperative to make sure that the design suits perfectly on your body. Remember, no matter how great a Lehenga looks, you will not be able to attain a desirable look until it fits you correctly.

Choosing a designer makes sure to make the right fit as they create and customize Lehenga from scratch. However, you need to ensure the expertise of the designer as it takes knowledge to provide the right fitting of the Lehenga blouse. This will make sure that it sits perfectly as the pieces in the puzzle do.

You can choose fabric and color

Every bride is different, and so are their requirements. When it comes to choosing a bridal Lehenga, you also need to make sure of the color and fabric. Undeniably, you will not have much knowledge about the different types of fabrics that will be appropriate for the lehenga, which is why an experienced designer can be helpful.

Depending on your requirement, they provide you with options for fabric so that you can choose according to your needs and budget. Additionally, as the fabric color is equally important, a designer with much experience can give you options regarding the suitable color based on your skin tone.

When you choose fabric, make sure to keep in mind the season. If your wedding is in summer or winter, you have to decide on a fabric accordingly. Summers are always better for breathable fabric, while winters provide you with a vast choice.

You can customize the designs

The best part about choosing a designer for a bridal Lehenga is that they will create a unique masterpiece. You can remain sure that your Lehenga is solely your design with the expertise of the designer. You can give it flair, embroidery, motifs, and different other Elements when you choose to customize your Lehenga.

As designers have knowledge about the market trend and they keep in mind the seasons, they can create and customize Lehenga designs according to your specific needs. They pay attention to your body, type, skin, color, and different other attributes while customizing the design.

You get to choose every single detail work

The best part about choosing a bridal Lehenga designer is you will be able to choose every single work on the Lehenga. If you're more into embellishing the entire Lehenga, blouse, and Choli, the designers make sure to fulfill your requirements and create an outfit that will instantly bring a smile to your face.

You can also choose the neckline, back design, and every other detail in the choli and the entire Lehenga as you wish. Don't forget to take recommendations from the designer as they are the masters in this field. Choosing an experienced designer will always ensure getting the best quality results.

Way to Research Bridal Lehenga Designers

But wait, can you choose anyone offering a custom bridal lehenga? Obviously no! Cause babe, it is not an ordinary day! You must take it seriously before you visit any bridal designer, you have to be sure that they have the efficacy to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Your dream wedding where you have planned the venue, the theme, and the events, you can’t just choose any designer claiming to design custom lehenga!

Take a deep breath! Let’s check and find out how to start the research work for a great bridal lehenga designer!

Start with researching for online great bridal lehenga designers

The easiest way to start researching and finding a bridal Lehenga designer is by looking for them online. Use Google and search for the best bridal Lehenga designer. You will immediately be provided with quite a lot of options from which you can choose. It is important to keep more than 2 to 3 options.

Google will provide you with a comprehensive look at their reviews and reputation. Starting with online research, work is simply one of the best choices that you can make before deciding on the best designer. So now that you have found 2 to 3 options, keep them aside.

Checking their websites and social media profiles

How would you decide whether the designer is capable of creating a bespoke bridal Lehenga? Just by checking the reviews and reputation, you won't be able to decide their capability to fulfill your specific requirements. Even when it helps you to understand the kind of service they provide, to find out more about their capabilities, you need to thoroughly check their website and all the social media platforms.

When you check the website along with their profiles, you will be able to understand if they have previously designed lehengas according to your choices. When you start exploring more and checking their online websites, you get even better knowledge about their capabilities and experience.

Reviewing their online portfolios and customer testimonials

Client testimonials are extremely important to understand their service and expertise. When you check their online website, you can take a look at the client testimonials provided by their previous customers. Reviewing the testimonials is extremely important to stay assured that you are making the right decision.

Check their online portfolio to gain more insight into the designers, knowledge, and expertise. It is important for you to explore and analyse a Lehenga designer before choosing it as it is about your special day, and you cannot take any chances with it. Apart from choosing on your own, it is again a smart choice to take feedback from your family or friends. If you know your friend who has already worked with a lehenga designer, you can take their feedback to understand more about the expert.

Select Designers whose work resonates with your personal style

Once you have analysed a lot about the Lehenga designer, you need to choose one whose work is similar to your requirement. As you are planning to customize your Lehenga design, it is important for a designer to understand your specific requirement and create a design that matches your personal style.

Therefore, you have to thoroughly analyse the designer and their previous work. The more you browse their previous work, you will get to know if their work matches your style. It is recommended not to experiment with your wedding lehenga as it might result in making a blunder.

Location and accessibility of the designer

Once you have checked their style of design, and you know that they can create a personalized design completely like your taste, it is time that you choose them. However, before you completely decide on the designer, make sure that they are accessible.

Don't forget to check out their locations so that you can immediately visit the bridal Lehenga designer. Remember that when you visit them and talk to them personally, you will get to know more about their taste and style. This way, you will be able to create a customized Lehenga with the expertise of a professional Lehenga designer.

Book Appointment with Bridal Lehenga Designers

Once you have thoroughly checked all the mentioned factors, it is time that you book an appointment with the designer.

Scheduling consultations with shortlisted designers

As you have different other responsibilities for your wedding day, it is important for you to Schedule the consultation with designers according to availability. Make sure that you ask the designer and book a consultation.

Preparing for consultations

You have to prepare yourself before you visit the designer for a consultation. Make sure that you already have listed out the kind of designs that you would like to integrate on your wedding Lehenga. Starting from your neckline to sleeves to the blouse to embellishment throughout, make sure that you know everything you want to include in the bridal Lehenga.

Asking the right questions during consultations

Write down all the questions that you have in your mind. Don't take your step back if you have any kind of queries in the consultation.

Understanding the customization process

When you talk to the designer, you will learn more about their design process. So it is crucial for you to understand how they work to get confidence. You can also ask if you can make edits and its timeframe.

Discussing budget with the designer

When you have consulted 2 to 3 designers, and you're pretty much impressed with your previous work, you should ask about the budget for the custom Lehenga design. Remember that Lehenga designing is about a lot of effort and work, so it is not something available at a reasonable price. However, do not choose overly expensive bridal Lehenga designs.

Choosing the designer who best meets your needs

Always pay attention to choosing a designer not only for the reputation but also checking their ability to meet your requirements. As it is an auspicious event where you can do every single thing, choosing a designer who can create a stunning bridal Lehenga based on your personal preferences is certainly the right choice for every bride.

Finalizing the design and details of your bridal Lehenga

Once you have had a discussion with the designer and you are happy with their previous work and budget, it is time that you finalize your design. Make sure that you tell them all the essential things that you want to include in the bridal lehenga. When you are clear about the details in the design, you can ask for a finalized design from the professional and then ask them to start working on it.

Preparing for the Fitting and Alteration Process

You must also be sure about the fitting process. Once the design has been finalized, make sure to visit the designer and provide the right measurements. You have to make sure that the lehenga fits you appropriately, even if there are some issues with fitting, it is the responsibility of the designer to handle the alteration and make fittings according to your body requirements.

Receiving your finished bridal Lehenga from the designer

Once everything is complete, and you're happy with the fitting along with the design, it is time to bring the masterpiece home and brace yourself to wear it on your special day. Make sure that you again go through the lehenga. It is always better to wear the outfit once again before bringing it home.

How to Care for your bridal Lehenga

It is extremely important to take good care of your bridal lehenga after wearing it. As you have invested quite a huge amount of money in this masterpiece, it takes effort to maintain the outfit. So it is always recommended to follow these steps.

● Thoroughly check the Lehenga to check for any damages.

● Choose a professional dry cleaning method for cleaning Lehenga.

● Do not hang it, but fold it properly.

● Keep the lehenga box you received from the designer to store it.

● Use a muslin bag and then put it inside the box.

● Do not forget to add naphthalene balls to retain the small.

● Storage properly in a dry and cool place.

And that's all, lady! This is everything that you need to do to find an experienced lehenga designer.

We again congratulate you on your auspicious wedding ceremony, and we know you will rock the day with your glamor and stunning lehenga!

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