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WNW's Pehla Dhaaga: Weaving Bridal Lehengas with Mother-Daughter Love

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

In the journey of life, the bond between a mother and her daughter is like a sweet song made up of those special "firsts" that warm our hearts. It all begins with the very first time the little girl enters this world, her cry echoing with the sweet symphony of a new beginning. In that instant, the world softly whispers, "Welcome!" Yet, it's the mother who cradles her close, whispering her own special welcome with a loving embrace.

WNW's Pehla Dhaaga, a tribute to the relationship of a mother and a daughter

As the years gracefully dance by, the daughter graces the world with her first smile, a radiant expression that brings joy to everyone who beholds it. It's a smile that carries with it the promise of a love that knows no bounds. Those first unsteady steps, as she ventures forth into the great unknown, are met with the warm hands of her mother, extending to catch her and reassure her, saying, "I've got you."

The Story of "Pehla": From Baby Steps to Bridal Lehenga Dreams

Mother admiring her daughter in WNW's Wedding lehenga

Through the pages of time, the "firsts" continue to paint the canvas of their connection. The first word, a tiny masterpiece of language, is spoken and met with applause, the mother- her daughter's most cherished audience. The mother teaches her daughter to sew for the first time, passing down the art of crafting with love and care, a moment they both treasure as a symbol of their connection. She recognizes the dhaaga that binds them together.

Then comes the day when the daughter cooks her first family meal, a memorable chapter in her life's journey. It's in these moments of culinary creativity that the mother's guidance offers the most support. It's a lesson in tradition, a gentle reminder that even in the kitchen, there is the warmth of a mother's love.

Mother Daughter playful moment

And so, as the journey unfolds, the mother and daughter find themselves in the midst of yet another monumental "first" - the daughter's wedding day. It's a day filled with a myriad of emotions, an exquisite blend of joy, nostalgia, and love. The mother, who has witnessed countless "firsts" in her daughter's life, is there once again, standing by her side, offering support as she embarks on this new chapter.

As they prepare for this momentous occasion, they reminisce about all the "firsts" that have brought them to this point. The first cry, the first smile, the first steps - all those moments that have woven the tapestry of their unbreakable bond. The wedding is not just a celebration of the daughter's love story but also a celebration of the love between mother and daughter, a love that has grown stronger with each passing "first."

Mother and Daughter in WNW lehenga and aaree

In the end, it's a day filled not only with the promise of a new beginning but also with the warmth of their shared history. It's a reminder that through all of life's "firsts" and all the moments in between, the love between a mother and her daughter is a timeless and beautiful melody that continues to play in their hearts.

One of the most cherished traditions at WNW is offering the mother of WNW brides a thread - a simple yet deeply symbolic gesture. This thread serves as a paintbrush for the mother to do the first embroidery on her daughter's bridal lehenga. It's a moment that marks the beginning of her daughter's new journey, a new "first," and it's only fitting that it should start with her mother's blessings and love.

As the mother lovingly embroiders the lehenga, she pours her hopes, wishes, and blessings into every stitch. Each delicate motif becomes a testament to the love and guidance she has provided throughout her daughter's life. It's a way for the mother to impart her wisdom, her strength, and her enduring support as her daughter embarks on this beautiful journey of love and commitment.

WNW Clients doing Pehla Dhaaga

Weddings at WNW, a bridal lehenga studio in Kolkata, are a reflection of this profound connection between mothers and daughters, where the union of two souls is not just a union of hearts but a union of families. It's a day when two sides come together to bless the holy union, to celebrate love, and to create lasting memories.

The embroidery done by the mother on her daughter's bridal lehenga is a powerful symbol of this union. It's a reminder that weddings are not just about the bride and groom but about the families who come together, weaving new threads of love and togetherness. It's a testament to the deep-rooted traditions that honor the past and celebrate the future, all while strengthening the bonds that make weddings at WNW truly extraordinary.

Maa ki Mamta ka Pehla Dhaaga”- From First Thread To Bridal Lehenga

The quote "Maa ki mamta ka pehla dhaaga" translates to "The first thread of a mother's affection" in English. This quote emphasizes the tradition of "Pehla Dhaaga," which is a significant cultural practice in some Indian weddings. In this tradition, the bride's mother or a close female relative does the first embroidery on the daughter's bridal lehenga (traditional wedding attire).

Among the many treasures that WNW held dear, one of the most rewarding experiences was the art of handcrafting a monumental part of someone's life journey. Here, they didn't just create clothing; they embroidered memories, moments that would be cherished for a lifetime.

WNW Clients doing Pehla Dhaaga

In the heart of WNW, two brothers, Harsh & Ankesh Bhotika, with wisdom beyond their years, recognized that weddings were not merely about the union of two souls. They were turning points in the lives of entire families. But above all, they understood the extraordinary bond between a mother and her daughter.

In this realm of emotions, WNW acknowledged the incredible journey that mothers and daughters embarked upon during the transition to marriage. The deep well of love and care that flowed through this relationship was like no other. It was a connection nurtured over a lifetime.

WNW Clients doing Pehla Dhaaga

From a daughter's very first smile to the playful moments of childhood when she experimented with her mother's lipstick, and to the day when she draped her mother's saree for the very first time – these were the moments that truly bound them together. In these simple acts, skills and life lessons were passed down through generations, all wrapped in love and care.

WNW Clients doing Pehla Dhaaga

And so, WNW paid homage to this unique relationship of "firsts" between mothers and daughters. They celebrated it through a sacred ritual known as 'Maa Ki Mamta Ka Pehla Dhaaga.'

In this sacred tradition, the mothers of brides-to-be at WNW, the handcrafted lehenga studio in Kolkata, were welcomed into the studio with open hearts. What awaited them was a delightful surprise – the very fabric from which their daughter's bridal lehenga would be crafted. It was a moment filled with significance, marking the beginning of the creative journey.

WNW Clients doing Pehla Dhaaga

With loving hands, these mothers stitched the first thread, continuing a tradition of shared moments. This thread symbolized more than just the start of a dress; it represented a new chapter, a fresh beginning, and most importantly, a memory to be treasured forever. These stitches were bound by the eternal love between mother and daughter.

And so, in the heart of WNW, an entire Puja ceremony was held to honor this auspicious moment. It was their tribute to a mother's embrace, lovingly embroidered on her daughter's dreams. It was a testament to the unbreakable bond between generations, where love, care, and tradition intertwined in a beautiful tapestry of life's most cherished moments.

WNW’s “Pehla Dhaaga” Campaign

Aj meri shaadi hai

Ek nayi zindagi ki shuruwat hogi aaj se

These lines are a poetic expression of someone's excitement and anticipation on their wedding day. The phrase "Aj Meri Shaadi Hai" signifies the importance of this moment. The daughter is thrilled about the beginning of a new chapter in their life, referring to it as the start of a "nayi zindagi" or new life.

Mother holding daughter's hand before wedding

It's a day filled with dreams, hopes, and the promise of a beautiful journey ahead. These lines capture the essence of the joy and the sense of a fresh beginning that a wedding day symbolizes in many cultures, marking the union of two individuals and the start of their married life.

Choti si thi jab shaam ko chaat pe khelti thi tumhare sath. Paudo ko paani dena, tuta hua phool uthake tumhare baalon me lagana

The daughter nostalgically recalls how, when she was young ("Choti si thi"), she used to play with her mother on the terrace ("chaat"). They engaged in simple yet heartwarming activities like watering the plants ("Paudo ko paani dena") and carefully picking up fallen flowers to adorn her mother's hair ("tuta hua phool uthake tumhare baalon me lagana").

Mother Daughter Love

These activities were not just about the actions themselves but also about the love and bonding shared between the mother and daughter during those innocent and carefree moments. The daughter's reminiscence reflects the deep affection and gratitude she holds for her mother and the beautiful moments they spent together.

Jab tum taiyaar hoti thi kahin jaane ke liye main tumhari lipsticks uthake bhaagti thi, kabhi mu par, kabhi gaal par lagake dikhati thi tumhe, tumhare jaisa dikhna tha jo mujhe

These lines depict a heartwarming memory of a daughter reminiscing about her mother's influence on her during her childhood. The daughter fondly recalls how, whenever her mother would get ready to go somewhere, she would playfully take her mother's lipsticks and hurriedly apply them on her own lips and cheeks.

Mother wearing WNW lehenga

This act wasn't just a playful imitation but a way of expressing her admiration and the desire to emulate her mother's appearance. It signifies the strong bond between the two and the daughter's yearning to be like her mother. These lines beautifully capture the innocence and love that exist in the relationship between a mother and her daughter, highlighting the profound impact a mother can have on her child.

Pehli bar tumhari saree pahenna, aur aj tak tumhare madadke bina na pehen pana aadat si ho gayi hai meri

These lines express a daughter's nostalgic reflection on how, for the first time ("Pehli bar"), she tried wearing her mother's saree. The experience left an indelible mark on her as she reminisces that even to this day, she cannot put on a saree without her mother's assistance.

Mother Daughter love with Sarees and Lehengas of WNW

It speaks to the powerful bond between a mother and daughter, where the mother's guidance and presence in helping her wear a saree have become an integral part of her life. These lines evoke a sense of longing for the simplicity and closeness of her childhood, where her mother's support was essential, and they beautifully capture the enduring influence and connection between the two.

Aaine ke samne tumhara mujhe bithake, ek dusre me ek dusre ko dekhna, khusi ke aansu le aarahi hai aj

These lines portray a poignant moment on the daughter's wedding day. She is seated in front of the mirror, and her mother has lovingly placed her there. As they gaze at each other's reflections, tears of joy well up in their eyes. This emotional moment signifies the profound connection between them.

Mother Daughter Love in WNW's Pehla Dhaaga

The mirror reflects not only the daughter's radiant beauty on her special day but also the unspoken love and shared memories between mother and daughter. It's a touching scene where the daughter's journey from childhood to this significant milestone is encapsulated in the mirror's reflection, and the presence of her mother beside her in an embroidery wedding lehenga brings a flood of happy tears, underscoring the deep bond and cherished moments they've shared.

Hum samajhte hai maa aur beti ke rishte ka har woh pehli ahsas ki kimat. Tabhi hamara kosish hai is pehli parampara ko aur bhi khaas banana. Shaadi ke pehle dhaage ko pyaar se bandhna , aapke ma ke hath se

In these lines, Harsh Vardhan Bhotika, the founding member of WNW, emphasizes the profound value of the mother-daughter relationship and their "firsts." He expresses a deep understanding of the emotional significance attached to these moments.

WNW's "Pehla Dhaaga" ad campaign in Telegraph
WNW's Pehla Dhaaga in Telegraph

WNW's aim is to elevate this tradition further by making it more special. We suggest that before the wedding, the daughter should lovingly tie the "Pehla Dhaaga" (first thread) with her mother's hands. This act symbolizes the unique connection and love between them, creating a beautiful and heartfelt tradition to celebrate the bond they share.

Client Testimonials: From the Hearts of WNW Brides

Priyanka Soni shared a heartwarming post on her Instagram, saying, "Thank you, WNW, for making my bridal journey so special. The Pehla Dhaaga tradition is something I will cherish forever. Seeing my mother embroider my lehenga was a moment I'll never forget."

Khusboo expressed her gratitude on her Instagram, with her voice narrating, "I can't thank WNW enough for letting my mother be a part of my bridal outfit. Pehla Dhaaga was a beautiful experience that made my wedding even more special." Her happiness can be witnessed in the reel when she’s sitting beside her mother while she does the embroidery, and later Khusboo showers her mother with lovely rose petals as a part of her joy.

Anubha Choudhury shared a touching reel on her Instagram, showing the process of her mother embroidering her bridal lehenga as the conveyance of her emotions. Putting words to it, she expressed her heartiest thanks to WNW, for preserving the bond between a mother and daughter on the most important day of my life.

These testimonials from Priyanka Soni, Khusboo, and Anubha Choudhury highlight the emotional significance of the Pehla Dhaaga tradition at WNW and how it made their bridal experiences truly memorable. It's a testament to WNW's commitment to creating unique and meaningful bridal moments.

Daughter in WNW's red bridal lehenga with mother for wedding

We invite all the beautiful brides-to-be to join us at WNW, the premium bespoke bridal lehenga studio, in celebrating these cherished "firsts" that hold a special place in your hearts. Let us be a part of your journey as you embark on new beginnings. Our aim at WNW is to make your wedding experience truly memorable and meaningful by honoring the timeless bond between a mother and her daughter.

Come, embrace this tradition of tying the "Pehla Dhaaga" with your mother's hands, and let us craft not just stunning bridal lehengas but also unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Your love story begins here, with WNW.


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