Bridal Lehenga Buying Guide 2021

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

First of all, a big congratulations babe!

Wait for a sec. . . Just imagine yourself wearing a beautiful lehenga amazingly embroidered with floral shapes, a well designed neckline and you are slowly walking on the aisle, while your man is waiting for you to grab your hands forever and till time exists.

With all those eyes on you and complimenting on how mesmerizing you look and the love for you is visible on your man’s eye - seems no less than a fairytale.

No wonder, even it happens in reality and all you need is planning. Starting from Day 1 to your honeymoon, planning is everything. When it is your wedding, your wedding lehenga and your personality can cast the spell, of course with the help of a great designer, can make you look like a goddess - the spellbinding beauty.

Coming to your looks in specific, if you have been a continuous follower of Bollywood celebs and is craving to wear a gown that looks as traditional and gorgeous as DP or Anushka, you definitely need a pro fashion designer. When you are planning a destination wedding, your lehenga needs to have the appeal that could grab the eyes.

We know that it is not going to be that seamless, but have faith in your designer as they are an expert in their respective field. They can find out something that will suit your personality, budget, wedding theme, and most importantly something that will look ravishing on you.

A pro tip for the girls, “Don’t listen to everyone when it comes to the style, just fulfil your wish but try to observe reaction when you try it.”

So, without any further ado, let us check a few things that you keep as your checklist.

Bridal Lehenga Buying Guide

We definitely know what you need, but this guide is for you to give you the knowledge about what you must do - as this ensures owning an impeccable lehenga. Everything about the lehenga matters and, so brace yourself before you set out to look for that perfect designer bridal lehenga.

Shortlist the Best Lehenga Designer

First things come first, the lehenga designer - the creative mind behind the exceptional creation. Yes, so, initially, your search should be for the best lehenga designer.

No matter wherever you reside, if you do an online search, you will find the names of some of the finest lehenga designers near you. All you need to check the names, note them down, and then continue researching for the next name.

You can keep up your research and make sure that you keep a note of at least five names. Also, these five lehenga designers that you are about to choose to make sure to have a great reputation in the market.

After all, reputation creates trust, and trust is earned by offering outstanding services over time.

So now that you have noted the names of the top 5 best lehenga designers near you, what should you do? How to proceed? Should you directly call, or should you do further research?

Calm down, lady!

Let’s check.

How to choose a lehenga designer?

1. Budget

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is your budget. Make sure that you choose a fashion designer who can not only get you a desirable lehenga that matches your dream but also keep the price tag in mind.

All you need to know that generally the price tag depends on the quality of the material and also the embroidery. Keeping more budget will offer you more options while keeping low can cut on some varieties.

2. Reputation

As mentioned earlier, reputation does not come immediately as it is earned through constant products and services. Always choose for a designer who has great reputation, as it clearly means that not only the person is reliable but also the service provided is outstanding, which has helped them to gain such an unparalleled reputation in the market.

So when it comes to finding a fashion designs, go by the name.

3. Variety

Of Course variety matters! The more you see, the more you get knowledge and understand the things that you can acquire in the provided range. So, while choosing a fashion designer, never forget to check their varieties. Do not consider choosing a designer who has very limited variety - as this not only makes you limited on options, but also not helps you to comprehend the best that you can do with the budget and your looks.

Remember, you need to be very vigilant while researching. These days, the internet will serve you with thousands of options, but only when you make comprehensive research work, you will be able to get in touch with the best.

Expand your Knowledge about lehenga and its types:

You must know that all lehenga are not the same and therefore you need to make enough research work before you start choosing. However, if you are guided by a knowledgeable lehenga designer, you can acquire knowledge on the best-suited lehenga for you.

Let us have a look at the types of bridal lehenga.

Mystique red Lehenga
  • A-Line Lehenga can never go wrong and suits any type of shape, especially women who have pear-shaped and hourglass bodies.

  • Jacket Lehenga is a new one to enter the list and has become a wave, especially for women who want to take it simple. It suits all body types and looks truly elegant to any woman.

  • Mermaid Lehenga is enough to help you imagine the shape these lehenga have. This is again a great choice for hourglass and athletic body types.

  • Straight cut lehenga is a straight skirt that flows down along your body but does not consist of flares like other lehenga. It is body-hugging, and any woman can wear it.

  • Kalidar or Panelled lehenga is named because of the panel designs made on the skirt that look gorgeous on any woman. You can get the gorgeous Indian traditional look with this type.

  • Flared lehenga consists of flares that form a complete circle while you are twirling. This can be the right inclusion for the hourglass, apple, and pear-shaped bodies.

  • Half saree lehenga is the style that has been taken from South Indian sarees and an elegantly designed skirt that helps you to walk with style and comfort. The beautiful type looks mesmerizing on any woman.

So these are the types of lehenga available, and hence your designer will guide you in choosing the right fit as per your body type.

Once you have decided the type of lehenga that you are going to design, you need to make sure now to check the other integral components that together make a fantastic-looking bridal lehenga.

Following are some of the major things that you need to check:

1. Should Check Fabric and Embroidery

Designers are able to make a lehenga look outstanding with their embroidery and also by making use of quality fabrics. Therefore, initially check the fabric quality because you will be wearing it, and you must be comfortable in the fabric.

Kirdaar designer lehenga

Some of the perfect fabrics used in the making of lehenga include:

  • Chiffon/georgette: This can be a great choice for the summer wedding as these are lighter and makes them easy to carry.

  • Velvet: Most of the graceful lehenga have the touch of velvet, and it is a great choice for a winter wedding.

  • Brocade: These are the perfect choice for the traditional wedding as these are mostly available in some of the traditional wedding colors, while the heave and rich embroidery work make it a valuable inclusion.

  • Silk: The classy looking, elegant, and subtle lehenga that you see covered with heavy embroideries are created with silk material. Silk will never let you down.

Next to this, the embroideries, which is perhaps the only thing that makes the lehenga look truly beautiful and elegant! However, while you are choosing, make sure that the embroidery made on the lehenga suit perfectly with the material used as the fabric.

You must know that the kind of embroidery and the fabric has a lot to do with the budget. These are the top two major things that actually dictate the price of the lehenga. So the better the fabric, the more embroidery it consists of, the more price tag it will consist of.

2. Consider the Latest Trends

You look good, but you are missing something!

Calcutta 1970 lehenga

What can be the possible reason? Apparently, the style of the lehenga.

You just ask the designer to show the trendy options. No matter even if you are looking forward to getting a traditional look, something that is trendy can become a valuable addition. Designers have the knowledge of making a trendy lehenga that has the gorgeous traditional touch and hence it is recommended to choose an experienced and skilled lehenga designer.

To make it easier, let us check some of the trendiest options available for you.

Trends that is going to make you a Trendsetter:

From Alia Bhatt to DP, we are sure you have been checking all the movies to find one design that can match your personality. Well, to be very true, there are many but only a few deserves to become the trendiest - because these are graceful, comforting, and enhance the Indian skin tone.

  • Alia Bhatt from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya:

We all know that when the plot is based on buying just the perfect lehenga, it won't be surprising that the lehenga will be breathtaking. Miss Bhatt is no doubt a Diva and carries any look seamlessly - like she owns it. You will find her wearing two beautiful lehenga, one if the line green with pink combination, which was absolutely a wow for any cocktail night, But for the bridal one, consider her red lehenga. The beautiful work on the skirt with the perfect blouse that comes down to and hugs her skin, can be an awesome combination, While she has kept it pretty simply, the huge earpiece added to her grace.

  • Aish from Jodha Akbar:

No wonder Aish is known for her grace - her beauty is unmatched and hence when they wore the spectacular lehenga designed by Neeta Lulla, it won thousands of hearts instantly. The red with golden combination that she wore on her wedding was spectacularly embroidered with the classic timeless red and gold combination.

3. Length of the Lehenga

This is again a major consideration that is often underrated and overlooked by the brides as they are so busy and amazed watching the designs. Always make sure you are not buying a voluminous piece if you are short.

Kirdaar Bridal Lehenga

Even if you are wearing heels, you must know that adding extra cms more than your height will only make it harder to manage the lehenga as not only it becomes a massive thing but also adds to the weight.

So make sure you distaste the length that you are comfortable with while he or she takes the measurement.

4. The budget of the Lehenga

Girl that is going to cost you a hefty amount. No doubt that selecting a designer bridal lehenga is hard but even hard is to digest the price tag that comes with it. Moreover, being the traditional bridal lehenga, you can expect the use of tons of handmade embroideries, which obviously is expensive and gorgeous.

The more you see, the more you fall in love. However, since the budget is again a huge constraint, you must make sure to set the budget first and choose accordingly. Also, the best choice if you can tell your designer about the budget and then work accordingly.