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Top 5 Celebrity-Approved Saree Looks

As the festive season continues to swing, the air in Bollywood buzzes with vibrant styles and astonishing appearances, leveling up anticipation and excitement. Celebrity looks are probably one of the most enticing and awaited aspects of the ordinary.

During this splendid time of celebration, where there is a perfect blend of contemporary flair and tradition, draping a saree never goes out of time. Sarees are the epitome of timeless elegance that never fails to drape on the curves and create an unparalleled appeal.

Celebrity-Approved Saree Looks

Just like every year, this year, there has been an array of celebrity-approved looks in sarees where each narrates a tale of ethereal beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. From Kareena Kapoor to Aliaa Bhatt to Ananya Panday, many others on our Bollywood radar have approved Sarees to be the showstoppers with their exquisite fashion sense through draping. These are the ensembles that can be referred to as icons of style and epitomes of cultural heritage.

These quintessential drapes are reinvented by some of the most experienced designers and have been weaved into the most exquisite pieces that redefine the look. From the allure of Georgette and chiffon to the sophisticated butter silk, every Saree showcases an artistic expression.

These celebrity-approved sarees and their looks have been specially created according to the unique persona. Every piece and inch has been woven with integrated embellishment, embroidery, and hues that can capture the elegance and joy of the festive season. So brace yourself to delve into the celebrity-approved saree looks that have taken the festive season to the next level.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Saree Looks

When it is about celebrities, we cannot forget our Poo - Kareena Kapoor, stunningly draped with a beautiful piece that has graced her curves, making her the style statement. This soft pastel printed saree worn by Kareena Kapoor has been designed by none other than Sabyasachi, which in itself is a testament to contemporary fashion and her graceful look. The airy and lightweight fabric tells us the tail of elegance and comfort. The delicate floral prints across the material, embracing her curves, mirror the style statement of this beauty in our industry. Undeniably, her statement earrings have a subtle gleam of touch to take the spotlight in the promotion party for their upcoming project “Jaane Jaan”.

The flowy silhouette with the stance is a reflection of the personality along with the season's spirit. As usual, Sabyasachi never goes wrong with accessories, and hence, a sleek bun with minimal accessories enhances the charm of this masterpiece, making her look the epitome of beauty during this festive season. It is a statement that can grab the attention without the need for heavy embellishment - as we all know, simple is sophisticated.

Samantha Ruth

This image featuring Samantha Ruth's elegant and poised look is certainly a showstopper. She is draped in a Regal Odyssey Ivory Saree, intricately adorned with delicate Zari embroidery. The classic charm and seamless blend of tradition exuded in this saree have been witnessed from the reels. The luxuriously soft fabric that has been gently draped over her shoulders speaks a thousand words of style and grace. The meticulous work of the saree with the subtle shimmer has enhanced the overall allure of this piece.

The entire look has been complemented with the tasteful selection of accessories with a choker necklace and earring that echo the opulent feel and look of the saree—keeping it simple with hair pulled back to let the jewellery and saree shine and take the limelight showcases the astounding creation and creativity of Saaki World where Samantha Ruth is the co-creator.

Aliaa Bhatt

The famous Rocky aur Rani ki prem kahani has been all over the internet due to the unique selection of sarees that Karan Jahor has selected for none other than one of his favorite - Aliaa Bhatt. The dual-toned saree in striking red and poppy pink has created a captivating contrast. The entire attire has been perfectly accessorized with oxidized jewellery which gives a cultural and antique depth to it.

The entire look has been designed and crafted in a way that evokes Bengali fashion in every sense. The elegant draping of the pally over her shoulder and the simple black bindi complement her Bengali character for the movie. With a subtle makeup and neutral tone, the thoughtfully created look steals the show. Aliaa Bhatt was found to wear one of this classic simple looks from the infamous KJ’s creation on their promotions for the film "Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani".

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit is unapologetically stealing the show with her black look. She is a timeless elegance who is radiating in this Manish Malhotra creation. This statement black piece on the Diwali Party celebration is something that you need to look at. The entire piece has been meticulously embellished with beads and sequins to catch the spotlight and create a dazzling image throughout the luxurious fabric. This traditional outfit with the trost of modern glam is a perfect choice for the festive season.

The flawless draping of this master creation is sparkling even in the crowd. Avoiding the tasteful choice of accessories is again a statement choice. Her fingerrings and her earrings add sophistication to the entire look. The refined makeup with a gloss lip complements the colour palette of this piece and adds a radiant glow to her face. This ek do teen celebrity - Madhuri Dixit seems to be aging like Wine. The soft hair waves, the poised nature, and her elegance have been perfectly draped by this saree on the Diwali Spirit.

Ananya Panday

Red is never out of business, and when it's saree - red is synonymous with love, elegance, and desire. Ananya Panday, in this image, is perfectly draped in a red saree for the Diwali festival. The sumptuous red saree that has been adorned with sequins all over is stealing the limelight. Her every movement reflects a start-like quality with this gorgeous outfit. The rich gold zari of the borders can never go wrong with red and exuding tradition and opulence from every corner. The blouse designed with her perfectly tone physique complements the saree. The contemporary cuts with dotted sequins and embellishment add delicate sophistication.

Her jewellery is certainly a statement - the choker necklace with intricate design sits gracefully on her neckline, and the earring is also a hint of majesty. Her elegant makeup features a neutral tone by emphasising her eyes, showing her confidence wearing his creative piece. Ananya gracefully carried his Diwali look with her poise.

These stars never fail to inspire us to keep changing our wardrobe during festivals. From simple to gorgeous, celebs create a buzz on the internet with their sensuous, graceful look and elegant attires. And when it is a saree- the limelight is all taken!

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