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"The Rise of Indian Couture: A Reflection on the Drama and Elegance"

Updated: Apr 24

It's April 2024. Even though the wedding season is slowly coming to a seasonal halt, are we at WNW Kolkata over it? Well, of course not! The drama that the brides of different states of India brings to the fashion world deserves an all-time fangirling!

And why not? The drama of the Indian bridal look is not just a trend; it is a classic. Embedded in culture and history, brides from different states of India have forever reflected cultural norms, values, customs, and, most importantly, the belief in the hearts of the people; to specify, each of the bridal looks for a wedding is a story to tell. Indian Couture took birth in the royal courts during the monarchical era. The unique bridal lehengas and sherwanis in the Mughal era were a fusion of Indian and Persian influences with elaborate embroidery and precious stones. Instead of bringing forth a lehenga vs saree debate, they made sure that both of them dwelled in harmony in the world of wedding looks. That does sound royal, now doesn't it? But that being said, one should also know that the modern developments in Indian Couture are no less iconic than Darwin's theory of Evolution, trust us. Brides and grooms now want their stories to be told, their personalities to shine through their Indian bridal look and wedding outfits to create a dramatic show of Indian couture that will be their own runaway show.

The stories range from the tales of the cities embroidered on enchanting silk pieces of vibrant shades to the letters of parents stitched on the designer bridal wear of WNW Kolkata with the best fabric for bridal lehenga to fusion designs for WNW clothing influenced by western trends and Indian traditions in order to establish that the brides and grooms are the best of both worlds. To the art of nature designed on the wedding wears to talk about how, just like nature, the person wearing it is unrestrained. To talk about how, just like nature, the person wearing the designs belongs just where they want to belong. Each of the wedding outfits is a statement, a Bollywood film, a phenomena, and each premium lehenga studio in Kolkata makes sure that the phenomena comes out to be simply phenomenal. It is not just the bride and the groom's story to tell; it is also the dream of WNW Kolkata for those stories to shine. So you see, the drama of Indian wedding couture never goes out of style; it only gets better.

Indian Couture is only growing, and that explains the globalisation of handcrafted couple wedding couture of WNW by Harsh & Ankesh. As WNW has expanded over time, we have understood that owning a designer Indian outfit for special occasions is no longer something to gasp about but a ritual in most households. The best part about the growth of Indian couture is how millennials and Gen Z are slowly adopting their own styles, their own expressions through their traditional outfits. Not only do they no longer stick to gender norms, but they are now embracing fusion trends, bringing back retro styles with various twists, surprising the streets with their out-of-the-box outfits, and whatnot for their wedding looks. Be it by choosing a stunning red lehenga with perhaps a coat for the reception or adorning a grey or pastel wedding with the wedding look of the same couple colour combination by ditching the usual in order to paint a picture of minimalism and calmness on their special days, or even choosing to style a dhoti with a gorgeous blouse, or stitching a saree out of an old bridal wear belonging to the previous generation and adding a story to it through extensive embroidery and even bridal mehendi designs, the expressions are no longer restricted to the ramps and label designer stores in Kolkata. It has reached the nooks and corners of the towns and the cities, and the bridal fashion designers at W and W Kolkata aim to only help them bring the story they want to tell through their outfits, to life. We, at WNW, are no longer just who the clients pay for their services; we are the allies of the clients, the supporting characters to the main characters helping the latter bring their vision to reality. Blair Waldorf once said, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design, and architecture, all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be.” As we are progressing, we truly are making sure that our Indian couture trends are indeed a movement, our mode of expression, our means of embracing ourselves through its extensive design, which are results of meticulous planning and the art of dreaming. Be it on the ramps or at WNW Kolkata or in the cupboards of our rooms, Indian designer wear is no longer worn for “sanskar”. They are now proudly worn at global festivals and at D-day occasions to showcase the person's own principles (and of course, their beauty!) with pride on their sleeves. They are now proudly owning the fashion of Indian couture. Now that's the drama India deserves to be famous for, won't you agree?

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