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What to wear this Wedding Season: For the Bride & family

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

To all the brides of this generation, deciding on your look on the wedding day is a very hectic task all by itself. The decision is impossible to be made without the other important ladies of the household right beside you. Yes, I am talking about the bride's mother, and the sisters. Even the other important occasions of the wedding where you would rather wear a very different taste of lehenga. Let's show you a hint of the handpicked Lehengas of Unique taste we have for you.

1. THE OCEAN GREEN LEHENGA- A subtle mix of the blue & the green and the ethnic cuts mixed with simplified designs of embroidery to create an ensemble so serene and classy that it is meant to steal the eyes at any occasion you wear it in. Be it your sangeet or a family occasion to reflect your beauty in the most serene & soulful way. Also it is a good option for the sisters of the bride-to-be. Be it to the wedding where she contrasts her sister in her bridal red and also looks a calming counterpart to the Bride on her special day.

2. PURPLE MINT- A combination so perfect, it is meant to become your favourite. The designers at WNW spent months to find the perfect shades to mix and give you a unique experience of authentic Lehenga designs. Be free to explore it as a mother to the bride as it gives enough volume to the ombre dyed creased lehenga bottom to establish your wisdom in a worthwhile. Also, the advantage is the beautifully hand embroidered heavy jacket that comes with the ensemble. This is a heartful piece of ours as our skillful handicraft workers spend days to layer it to become the best piece to fit you and your comfort. So can the sister just put the thoughtfully designed collars a bit high and instruct around the wedding with all her tasks in hand like a boss lady, while also picking up the leher of her lehenga and running around having the most fun in her life.

3. SENSITIVE SALMON: Whether you're artistic or poetic, you'll love this Garden of Eden Lehenga. It has an elegant salmon color layered with a translucent gold fabric. The designer lehenga has a beautiful handwork from a flower garden with cranes of metallic wings flying along. A very beautiful, subtle and skillfully handcrafted piece that represents a story of flowers and birds. The choli is also intricately embroidered with gold zari to create a very pretty ensemble with an extraordinary dupatta.

4. ROSA EVERGREEN- A perfect pink lehenga inspired by the arches of the royal palace. A simple ensemble in a beautiful pink hue with an embroidered jacket and an artistic neckline. The simplicity of the lehenga is maintained by placing the arches in cool colors around the lehenga molded into a thick border.

It is a perfect piece for the mother, it is also a beautiful set for the sister, and can also be personalized in our other special shades. And for the bride, allow yourself to wear this on your sangeet or a theme party and shine with all eyes on your elegance.

5. MULTIHUED TANGERINE: Check out this multi-colored layered lehenga with super intricate floral embroidery along its edge, trailing up. The fabric layer is so carefully placed that the tones seem to blend from one end to the other. It comes with an orange choli that is made heavy with handwork embroidery. The main attraction is the beautiful translucent gold dupatta with embroidery. Don't miss the chance to make this piece your beautiful Haldi ceremony outfit.

6.SUN LIT SAREES- Our sarees have a taste of it's own. Always a beautiful flowy fabric that drapes around your skin like porcelain. Very minimal & elegant design thoughtfully placed to make it look really classy and even develops intricacy of designs with a smart singular border & minimal embroidery along its length to keep the elegance of the piece intact.

These sarees are good for the bride at her haldi occasion

and also a fantastic option for the mother or any lady in the household.

At WNW the experience is not only for the bride, but we want to pamper even the bride's family for an unique and homely bridal shopping experience. Get the designs for the bride or for yourself. Just name the occasion and we will surely have a beautiful piece for vou.

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